Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 320. November 15. Countdown 46 Days.

Day Three Hundred Twenty. November 15. Countdown 46 Days. Picture # 320. "Self Portrait". After shooting for 320 days in a row, it is becoming a challenge to shoot new and interesting things. Today I ventured out to a storm tunnel that is near my apartment. I shot long exposure pictures inside of the tunnel and abstracts at the entrances. While reviewing in between shots, It became obvious that it was hard to get a sense of scale as to how big the tunnel was. So I used myself to give perspective. Then I realized maybe I would become today's picture. So after 320 days, here is the face behind the camera. Canon Rebel T3i, on tripod. Canon 18-55mm lens. Focal length 23mm.f/5. ISO 800. Exposure 10 second shutter delay @ 1/125 second.

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