Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 12, 2014 366 Project. Over a Year Later.

     After the last post of 2012, I took a what felt like my first breath of the year, then another and another . . .and pretty soon 2013 was gone. As I sit in front of this blank page remembering both the excitement and daily drudgery of the "366 Project", I am at a loss trying to recall the significant pictures that I shot of 2013. Nothing really jumps out and screams "look at me!".
   2013 found me in a couple of photography classes at the local college. I met some great people and learned how good Lightroom is as an editing/workflow software. But I felt as if I were in a shooting slump even as I was surrounded by a class full of talented photographers. 2013 did not see any of my big "Drives". I stayed close to home. Wondering now, which comes first, the excitement for the drive or does the drive generate the excitement? I want the excitement back and I want to share that excitement!
     So what's next? No project that is so much calendar driven. but even as I say that, there is a realization that expectations of others is a good motivator to create. Whatever I do, I know the '366 Project" is no longer the correct location to present whatever comes next. I have always linked every post of this site to my Facebook page ( ) so a lot of comments were made on FB rather than through the blog. It was very late into 366 that I realized how difficult it was to post comments to the blog site. I will keep this page alive because I feel as if it still has a story to tell. I will use this site to announce whatever my new path will be. Whatever the path there will be pictures. So in conclusion, below are some pictures from what feels like the creatively off year of 2013. Here's to 2014!