Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 315. November 10. Countdown 51 Days.

Day Three Hundred Fifteen. November 11. Countdown 51 Days. Picture # 315. "Old Dog & New Tricks". Kevin Vandivier master photographer and founder of Texas Photo Workshops , would not like the title of this picture. Kevin does not teach "tricks", he shares his vast knowledge of photography through his workshops. All the information is  presented in a very personal manner that leads to eye opening understanding of artistic composition coupled with shooting techniques that produces unique images. I signed up for his "TEXAS PHOTOGRAPHY ADVENTURE",   Fall Colors at Lost Maples State Park workshop. I wondered before hand what there was to teach or learn about taking pictures of fall colors. Left on my own I would just take my camera and walk around and shoot pictures ? Kevin started out the workshop with a slide show of his own pictures of fall colors. After viewing his pictures, he had my complete attention. His pictures displayed some real eye catching techniques and some more subtle details that really enhanced his compositions. With Kevin's easy going style and willingness to answer any question I quickly came to understand how the pictures were shot and edited. Class time was balanced with hands on shooting and demonstration of techniques at Lost Maples State Park. I have posted other pictures in an album titled "Lost Maples" on my Facebook page. I thank Kevin and his wife Leslie for a fun and very informative workshop.  Canon Rebel T3i, on tripod. Canon 28-135mm lens. Focal length 135mm. f/25. ISO 100. Exposure 1.6 seconds.  

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