Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 153. June 1.

Day One Hundred Fifty Three. June 1. Picture # 153. "Clash". This is a limited piece of vertical real estate in East Austin. On this wall there is an on going competition to be noticed. No one seems content to coexist with any other message. Rip off, deface, plaster your poster or graffiti over your rivals. There is a sort of Darwinism in this on going battle for space. There is an ebb and flow to which image or statement survives for any length of time. But like the fruit flies in the jar experiment from school. There is to much competion for the existing resource. So in the end, there are no winners, only chaos. This wall could be seen as a metaphor for the rise of civilization. While anarchy is the norm, there will only be fractured dreams and ideas. There will always be someone waiting to tear down what is good or destroy something just for being beautiful. With a little bit of community this wall could display many ideas. A free society then could let the market place choose the winners and losers. But give someone complete control over what is on this wall and the wall is no longer a monument to truth and free thinking. When a people asks their government to tell them what words are correct and what ideas they should think, all is lost. In a politically correct world this wall would be painted some bland color, so as not to offend anyone. I do not want to live in that world, I will take the wall as it is. Canon Rebel XTI, handheld. Canon 28-135mm lens. Focal length 38mm. f/6.3. ISO 400. Exposure 1/640.

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