Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 99. April 8.

Day Ninety Nine. April 8. Picture # 99. "Morris Ranch Hotel". Texas is a state that hides many surprises. My friend Tracy Jackson and I went for an Easter drive in the Hill Country. Somewhere roughly half way between Kerrville and Fredricksburg we turned down a small country road. I was looking for wildflowers or maybe if we were lucky an old barn or building. I was not expecting a town built in the 1880s. These pictures are some of the remaining buildings of the Morris Ranch Community.
By the time we found this hidden historical gem, we were already pressed for time. So reluctantly we left withthe knowledge that we would be back to further explore this area at some other time. Canon Rebel XTI, handheld. Canon 28-135mm lens. Focal length 28mm. f/8. ISO 400. 1/2000 second.

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