Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 229. August 16.

Day Two Hundred Twenty Nine. August 16. Picture # 229. "Legacy ?". This old book called the "The Good of Early Obedience" has been in my family for generations. Relatives now forgotten wrote different things within it's cover and page margins. The year date on the the introduction is 1684 but the earliest handwritten note is 1713. I know this is not an exciting picture but I took the shot for reasons other than aesthetics. Some long ago relative may have been on page thirty six on the six day of January, 1778 when their new child was born. This notation was their "Facebook" entry for that day.The event was carefully written down without any way of understanding or even conceiving of the technology that would exist 234 years later, With the click of a camera shutter, and a few computer commands these words written so long ago can now be shared by people all over the world. Words from another lifetime have become my picture for Day 229. Canon Rebel XTI, hand held. Bower Fisheye lens. Promaster off camera strobe. ISO 400. Exposure 1/200 second.

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