Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 364. December 29. Countdown 2 Days.

Day Three Hundred Sixty Four. December 29. Countdown 2 Days. Picture # 364. "Friends # 2". These two have been on this blog before. This is CoBo Joe (black) and Pie. They first met in a local park on a cold rainy day and they became good friends. In time their humans, Tracy Jackson and Cindy Thoreson have become good friends. CoBo and Pie have introduced Cindy and Tracy to some other of their friend's humans. As the "dog park" friend circle has grown, the bonds of friendship have also grown and become strong. There is a lot of love in that little park. I am glad I get to play there now and then. It is a place of friendship. Canon Rebel T3i , handheld. Canon 75-300mm. Focal length 80mm. f/5. ISO 400. Exposure 1/1250.

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