Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 191. July 9.

Day One Hundred Ninety One. July 9. Picture # 191. "Rainy Day". After looking at the weather radar, I realized there were some really good storms coming in from the northwest. I grabbed the gear, jumped in the truck and headed up towards Jarrel,Texas site of a 1997 F5 tornado. . I was not wishing bad weather on anyone but I needed large open areas in which to shoot, and if there was to be a bad storm I might as well be there. I managed to get East of the storm so that it would approach me and I can shoot the leading-edge. But unfortunately the storm was moving too fast and I was not able to stay out in front of it. I never managed to get back out of the heavy rain before getting any pictures. This picture was shot out of the truck window while it was still raining which gives it that soft focus grainy look. Canon Rebel T3i, handheld. Canon 300mm lens. Focal length 300mm. f/7.1. ISO 3200. Exposure 1/400 second.

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